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Film and TV

In the early stages of a model’s career and for those not cut out for the highest end of modelling, film and TV extra work can be a great way to get yourself noticed or can just be a great way to earn money and have fun doing so.

Film and TV extra work does not require any acting experience and is generally filled by people with good looks and an ambition to aim higher either in modelling or in acting. It is always at least reasonably well paid and models of all age, shape and size are required for these roles.

For those that are aiming higher extra work can provide the opportunity to showcase your talents in a professional situation and can be a great addition to a model’s portfolio.

There are a huge number of agencies out there that provide extras for film and TV so for those that are interested in this area of the industry there are numerous opportunities to find consistent work.

Six Models works with a lot of models who go on to do at least some film and TV extra work and so we know exactly the kind of attributes casting directors look for when finding suitable candidates. We offer advice on this subject completely free, all you need to do is take a couple of minutes to fill out our application and we will inform you of exactly what potential you possess.

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