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Many people out there have the preconception that modelling is just for young, skinny girls and once you hit 35 then all chances of fulfilling that dream of modelling melt away. This is far from the truth. Brands and designers are moving further towards an image that is more relatable to the masses and that includes using men and women who maybe previously thought that they were ‘past it’.

This progression of advertising values has meant there is a huge void in the mature modelling industry as the demand has increased but the level of mature applicants has not necessarily followed that trend. Six Models is determined to uncover and give confidence to models over the age of 35 and get them involved in what is turning out to be one of the more lucrative areas of modelling.

Like in any other genre of modelling you need to be charismatic both in front of and behind the camera and be ready to work extremely to hard to improve networking and ensuring that your image is circulated around all available casting directors. Portfolios are a great way of doing this, both digital and printed portfolio offer you the chance to display your look and personality through pictures and give these casting directors an impression of how you could be utilised in their campaign. As one of the UK’s leading modelling platforms, Six Models has been able to assist countless mature models realise their potential and fulfil their lifelong dream of making a career from their looks.

Six Models offers Mature Models support and guidance on everything from posing, promotion and portfolios to linking with agencies and building up a healthy network of contacts (due to close relationships and possessing an huge network of contacts ourselves). We offer this service at no cost at all and we are only interested in ensuring that all aspiring models undertake the best possible preparation and build the most effective platform for a successful career. It is never too late to start a career in modelling and you might be just what the modelling industry is looking for. Apply to Six Models free today.