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Plus Size Modelling

In the modern era we are seeing a progression in modelling that is seeing commercial, mainstream modelling moving away from the impossibly skinny, high fashion like models and a huge increase in demand for larger, more relatable sized models. For this reason Six Models is dedicated to uncovering and giving confidence to aspiring models that might’ve thought themselves too ‘big’ for modelling.

A plus size model, like in all other areas of modelling, needs to have the immense drive and passion that will keep you plugging away to move yourself up the modelling ladder. Physically, clients prefer a well-proportioned figure that is size 12 or more with striking facial features and a real confidence in the body you were given. That confidence is what plus size modelling is all about, knowing that you are beautiful even if that is not what is thought of (wrongly) as conventional beauty.

There has never been a better time to undertake a career in plus size modelling, with demand so high Six Models has been pleading for aspiring models to come forward and take advantage of this huge opportunity. Models like Natalie Laughlin and Whitney Thompson have come to the forefront of plus size modelling in recent years, with the latter winning series 10 of America’s Next Top Model and the plus size modelling world is waiting for you to follow them!

Six Models are very experienced in taking young models, showing them their potential and then reinforcing their confidence and sending them out into the world of modelling. We invite all models that successfully apply to us to come to our studio and have a day of shooting where we can make a full assessment on what area of modelling would give you the most success, help you to build a portfolio and offer any support or guidance you feel necessary. Within plus size modelling there different paths that you can take, commercial and body part modelling are two of the most prominent but independent designers and specialty boutiques also use plus size models in a lot of their shoots. There is money to be made.

After pinning down what genre of plus size modelling we feel you most suited to and making sure you are prepared to take on employers, you then need to decide if you are to sign with an agency or whether you feel you can get more out of it from going freelance and using many agencies to find work. Going freelance does mean that you don’t have to give away the 15-20% cut that agencies usually take but it does mean that finding work comes from your own desire and will see you a lot more involved in the search. You also must always remember that if you are using multiple agencies and more than one send you on the same go-see then you must credit the agency that informed you of it first.

There is a huge opportunity for aspiring plus size models out there so get in contact with Six Models today and we will set you on your path!