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Male Modelling

Any male model starting out in the modelling world needs to know what area interests and best suits them up. Male modelling has seen a spike in overall demand across all genres (advertisements, promotional work are just two of many) so there’s never been a better time to find your way in this industry and Six Models is here to help you do just that.

That first step of finding out what style you are suited to is down to what physical attributes you possess. Those with a muscular build are usually best fitted to the world of fitness modelling, which can include presenting fitness equipment or even swimwear and underwear. Prettier guys with a more boy-next-door, heartthrob look are more likely to find work in commercial campaigns and with catalogues. A more sculpted, distinctive look, especially with a strong jaw line, and a slimmer build are attributes you would expect to find in a male model more suited to high fashion work, including catwalk, designer and editorial. Male modelling is becoming more expansive and adaptable for a huge number of male modelling hopefuls and at Six Models we are very experienced in assisting you to maximise this opportunity by finding the perfect niche for you to concentrate your efforts.

Six Models have experience in more than just model evaluation, we boast a team of knowledgeable consultants that have assisted models in the early stages of their career for years and so we are able to offer advice on any queries or qualms a young male model could have. One key aspect is having the right attitude; a confident, charismatic and committed model will find networking much easier and will have more success in front of and behind the camera. We at Six Models know exactly what is expected of today’s male model and can help mould you into the well rounded model that you need to be.

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