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High Fashion

At Six Models we strive to provide you with any and all information, ammunition and contacts you will need to ‘front-load’ your career. We have a top notch team of model coaches that are experienced in identifying the appropriate attributes to becoming a successful high-fashion model. If you possess these qualities then we provide the support and advice you need to propel yourself into the industry.

Important information about high-fashion modelling
High fashion modelling is the most coveted area of the industry, and is also usually the most lucrative. It includes fields such as; catwalk, high-end editorial, super brands and, of course, fashion shows. In a lot of cases clothes will be tailor-made for your shoot/walk thus meaning a lot of the time you will get to keep what you’ve worked in. High-fashion modelling companies stage campaigns all over the world so flexibility is crucial, you may be required to travel long distances at very short notice.

The requirements for high-fashion models can be incredibly strict. Striking, exotic looks are highly sought after, as can be seen with models such as Gemma Ward or Agyness Deyn. It is not necessarily the most beautiful person that become elite high-fashion models – it can be those with distinctive, exotic and ultimately extraordinary looks that stand out. You won’t find an area of modelling more demanding than high-fashion and you must be prepared for long, unsociable hours with a lot of travel to a range of shoots and shows. High-fashion is notoriously competitive and that trend is not subsiding; models need to be incredibly adaptive to keep up with the ever changing demands for both their ‘look’ and performance.

There are certainly stories of top models being picked from obscurity. Kate Moss, for example, was approached by a model scout at J.F.K. airport when she was just fourteen years old! These instances are rare, of course; most work tirelessly, promoting and pushing themselves to get to the top. What drives this dynamic, high-finance industry, in most cases, is the selection of models through portfolios sent to fashion shows or castings, not chance meetings.

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