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At Six Models we understand how daunting the modelling industry can be for any aspiring model and so it is our sole aim to make sure that all models that we work with are always supplied with all the support and guidance that they need, in any field, and fulfil their potential and exercise their talent. As one of the UK’s most experienced modelling platforms we see it necessary to keep tabs on what areas of modelling are on the rise and in recent years we have seen a huge influx of ethnic models fronting projects for some of the larger players in the industry, for instance last year’s New York fashion week saw models like Maria Borges and Grace Mahary involved in numerous shows for different designers and this has been the trend we have seen across the modelling world for many years now.

Being a model does not necessarily mean working at this level and it is important to set realistic targets and play off your strengths, a really good catalogue or commercial model can make a lot more money and be more successful than a somebody languishing on the fringes of high fashion modelling. Six Models can help you to identify your finest qualities and help you discover the best way to accentuate only these desirable attributes.

In our assessment we will provide only an earnest and truthful evaluation, the modelling industry is widely known to be ruthless in its selection, with all models facing some level of rejection at some point (usually at many points) in their career, and so you need to be told straight whether you have what it takes. We use our team of experienced professionals to have a test photo shoot with you, giving you experience and a chance to develop skills as well as giving us the opportunity to make a full assessment of your performance and potential performance as a model. So if you’re an aspiring ethnic model wanting to make an effective start in this industry then let us at Six Models assist you through the early stages of your career!