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Catwalk modelling

Catwalk modelling is often considered the most glamorous area of modelling. It involves a lot of travelling around the world to various shows and exhibiting the finest, most up to date attire that the fashion world has to offer, along with the being the highest paid alongside high fashion models. It is for these reasons that it is one of the most demanding and difficult areas of the industry to break into and establish yourself in.

Catwalk modelling requires a huge amount of commitment and will almost certainly test your resolve, effort levels and your bank account to the limit (in the early stages of your career at least). In order to become an established catwalk model you will need to ensure that all casting directors see your face as much as possible and the most effective way of doing this is by building a strong portfolio and distributing it to as many viable potential employers as possible. Your portfolio acts as your CV and makes your image accessible to casting directors across the world and lets them evaluate your potential as an ambassador of their brand. It is likely that when you start out as a catwalk model that any jobs you receive will be sparse and so being savvy with your fee is vital, a part time job will take away from the time you can spend promoting yourself and you don’t want to be unavailable due to other work commitments.

To be a catwalk model there are more strict physical guidelines than in other areas of modelling. You need to at least 5”9 in height, slender and have a striking but ultimately beautiful look. Six Models is aware of all qualities that catwalk casting directors will be looking for and coming applying to us and coming to one of our test shoots will allow us to evaluate whether you have what it takes to cut it in such a competitive area of the industry.

Our test shoots can also provide the opportunity to fine-tune your modelling skills, build confidence and give you the basis to construct your most important tool, your portfolio. We only use the highest quality of studios with photographers and stylists that have worked at the level that you would be aiming for so you can be assured in the fact that you will be supplied with the means to build the most effective portfolio.

The team of consultants at Six Models is highly qualified and experienced in providing free guidance and support to aspiring catwalk models and we can ensure that you are given the most well-rounded platform to propel yourself into a career on the catwalk, all you need to do is upload a few of your current best images (not necessarily professional) and complete our application today!